Mountain Fire Australian Shepherd Zucht










Energie's Angel







Energie's Top Secret






Jeers Surfer 4 Energie's

Njoy Nobilitys Jever Fun

Ch Moon Rise Everywhere At Once

Snowbelts Special Invitation

Njoy Jevers Light Pleasure

Nobilitys Glad all Over

Excellent Choise Dangerous Dream




Timeless Pandabear with Energie's

Taycin Black Bear of Thistlecreek

Ch Taycin First Edition

Taycin Moonlight Affaire of Twin Pines

Teacup Treasures
Teddybear of Timeless

Ch Drinnons Vice

Drinnons Leann





Energie's Great Companion




Ch Patchwork Blow Your Horn Gabriel

Ch Carlins Tazmanian Devil

Ch Taycin First Edition

Carlins Wile E Coyote

Ch Patchworks Fortunde Cookie

Ch Wannabe Just Ducky of AL

Wannabe Rag A Muffin




Integritys Little Miss Checkers


Integritys Made In America

Willow Rocks Alfafa of Tantalizing

Blue Okies Beautiful Integrity

Integritys Rocking 2R Emily

Blue Okies Integrity

Integritys Megan Lynn