Mountain Fire Australian Shepherd Zucht






Moon Rise Too Much Rouge





Moon Rise Pick Up Man



Moon Rise Special Offer

Ch Moon Rise Achievement

Ch Firetornes Jarry McGuire

Ch Firetornes Tuck-N-Twist

Ch Sunnyrains Society Column

Ch Briarbrooks Silverware

Ch Briarbrooks Society Page




Ch Tornapple Pillow Talk

Thornapple Bad Habit

Ch Bluestems Man-O-Firethorn

Thornapple French Kiss

Thornapple Takes Control

Ch Thornapple Climate Controlled

Ch Thornapple What it Takes





Outlaws Divine Secret




Ch Risingstars Right-Hand Man

Ch Elites Eisen On the Cake

Ch Propwash Manape Ghostrider

Ch Rosewoods Summertime Romance

Ch Silverscreen Moonlight Serenade

Bayshores Run Four the Border

Ch Silver Screen Truley Jazzy




Outlaws Totally Divine

Rainydays I'm On Fire

Ch Bluestems Man-O-Firethorn

Propwash Cobbercrest Obla-De

Outlaws Promise of Glory

Ch Heartfire Smokn Gun of Oldwest

Outlaws Blaze of Glory